Discover a program that guarantees $22 per service visit in revenue. Find Out How

About Us

Car Care People trains, supports and implements the Revlink program to provide accountability with proven results. Car Care People's mission is to enable dealers, agents and administrators to implement technology with a sustainable process of developing revenue out of the service drive.

Revlink, supported by Car Care People, is the automotive industry’s solution to enabling dealers, agents and administrators to generate sustainable revenue out of the service drive. With roots in both traditional and online opportunity generation, we have helped dealers to keep consumers coming back to purchase a vehicle, service contract or maintenance plan during their ownership cycle.


On the ground, remote and integrated

Training on sales process, technology and accountability will be provided at the store with your Revenue Team. This in-dealership training upon launch ensures that the acceptance of the Revlink service drive program is successful out of the gates. Weekly virtual training on the features of Revlink, process and results accountability and "Locate a Deal" sessions will assist your Revenue team in continued success. Additionally, an in-dealership, 90 day post launch recap will ensure the Revlink program has utilization and acceptance with your Revenue Team.


Always on technology, integrated knowledgebase

A solid support structure is paramont in the success of the Revlink program for the dealer, agent and administrator. Everything we learn about driving revenue is documented and trained in our web based knowledgebase. The integrated help and knowledge system is accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week to dealers, agents and administrators. In addition, live support is just a click, call or email away. The success of the Revlink service drive program is backed by secure and reliable technology that ensures that you are provided a continuous stream of revenue opportunities from the service drive.


In real-time, understand doing vs knowing problems

People change. Process breaks. Technology is not utilized. Car Care People supports and trains a proven process by holding itself, its dealers and agent to a service level commitment that is backed by the Revlink performance guarantee. Backed by real-time reporting of sales and service data, we can help train and support you on identifying the doing versus knowing problems so you don't lose valuable revenue opportunities from the service drive.

Sales Results

Proven and guaranteed at $22 per repair visit

Car Care People has been identifying and tracking consumer conversations about protecting, maintaining and trading vehicles dating back to 2003. Our pre-launch clients produced the following results with Revlink in 2013:

Drove revenue at $32 per Service Visit
Generated $1.98 Million of gross profit from 494 vehicle and 581 product sales
Saved $323k on acquisition costs related to acquiring 404 vehicle trades
Saved $295k on advertising costs related to acquiring vehicle sales
Produced $190 of revenue per customer engagement

Meet the Team

Other Staff

Mary Mills

Customer Relations Manager

Issues? Concerns? Feature Request? Mary is the go-to and just a phone call away. Mary is the dealer, agent and administrators advocate. Supporting and training the deployment of the Revenue teams usage and understanding of the Revlink program. She is supported by several team members that provide technology, marketing and support services to ensure the successful utilization of the Revlink program.

Chad Albertson

Business Development

Got Opportunity? Chad will help identify revenue opportunities and then work towards exploiting them through people, process and technology. What is the next opportunity with Revlink that can help us both drive more revenue?

Michael Barrett

Sales Director

A storm is brewing. Watch out! Your sales and service teams better be ready for a change in the way they think about service drive opportunities. The lightning will strike the Revenue Team with a jolt of excitement as Michael focuses in on training and implementing process and accountability that produce sustainable results.

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Revlink is a web based solution which intelligently pre-qualifies opportunities from the service drive and refers them in real-time to your sales department with the reporting and notifications you need to hold your team accountable. Our process and training ensures your sales team’s effective engagement with guaranteed results.

TestimonialsThank you for your kind words!

"No organization has ever mastered [generating revenue from the service drive]. Many have tried and had some hit or miss success but NONE have been able to.... It has unlimited potential to add additional profit to a dealer's bottom line."

J. Absher, Agent.

"Excellent added value to anyone's dealership, especially if you want to get additional net profit to the bottom line"

B. Rogers, General Manager.

"Builds a good rapport for the back of the house with the front of the house, because you build the team, you build relationships and you know who to go to. You know the team will support you when you participate in the program.."

J.Cedola, Service Advisor.

"We have seen an increase in not only revenue, but also the retention of our customers.... but also a much better working relationship between our service consultants and our sales staff."

R. Kuhaneck, Finance Manager.

"I think the service has been Excellent, when I have any concerns with the system Etc.. My concerns are addressed immediately, thank you so much for being there to assist me."

K. Williams, Sales Advisor.