Car Maintenance and Repair Kit

As much time as we spend in our vehicles, it's definitely a good idea to have a car maintenance and repair kit in your car. Anything can happen while you are on the road, and a kit will help you to quickly repair something in case of an emergencry or at least buy you time until you can reach a repair shop.

  1. You will need to start with a container to hold all of the items. Many people often use a tool kit, but any container that can be closed will work.
  2. Stock up on hand tools like Phillips and flathead screwdrivers and adjustable channel-lock pliers. The screwdrivers will allow you to tighten or loosen any component that is held together with screws, and the pliers will tighten or loosen nuts, bolts, and clamps.
  3. Keep a set of paper towels or old rags in the container. This will allow you to clean up any mess left over from an emergency repair.
  4. Don’t forget heavy duty work gloves. They will protect your hands from hot components or any liquids that may stain.
  5. Have at least a gallon of water and a quart of engine oil. The water will be of use if your car should overheat, and the oil will be handy if your engine oil becomes low. To make pouring easier, have a funnel as well.
  6. Make sure you have jumper cables. While you will need the assistance of another vehicle, you will have them in case the other vehicle doesn’t. You can even carry a jump box if you prefer. A jump box will jump your car without the assistance of another car. The downside to a jump box is that it needs to be charged. So take it out of your car when you are home and charge it. Then put it in your car whenever you travel.
  7. Lastly, stock your maintenance and repair kit with emergency flares to signal for help if your car is stranded.