How to Find Your Warranty Details

Repairs on vehicles can be very expensive. Automotive factory warranties and extended auto warranties can help owners to eliminate those high cost. But it is necessary to know the details of your warranty. You don’t want to bring your car in, expecting not to pay and then be hit with a huge repair bill. This article gives owners several paths to finding out the specifics of their car's warranty

  1. Visit your car manufacturer’s website. Many manufacturers will post the details of their factory warranty, and extended warrant of they offer one, online. Just look for links such as “Warranty”, “Owners,” or “Ownership Information”. There may be sub links like “Warranty” under the “Owners” link, but it is usually easy to find once you are in the owner’s portal.
  2. Visit a third party website. will list the time and mileage limits of the factory warranty on a specific vehicle. If you need more information, we provide a list of manufacturer factory warranties with specifics on each portion of the warranty.
  3. Take a look at your paperwork. Some manufacturer’s will provide a warranty information booklet. Others will list their warranty information in the owner’s manual. If you are not sure where your information would be, check your glove box. Many dealerships will place warranty booklets and owners manuals in the glove box that way you have it with you when you are in your car.
  4. If all else fails, call the dealer. Tell them you need information on your factory warranty and they should be able to help. If they are unsure of the specific details, they should be able to give you the manufacturer’s instructions for getting a copy of your warranty information.