Dodge Powertrain Warranty

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Every new Dodge comes with the Dodge powertrain warranty as part of the Dodge factory warranty. It covers the cost of repairs to the engine, transmission and drive systems if the part/parts failed due to a material defect or workmanship. The Dodge powertrain warranty begins on the day it is delivered to the first owner or the day it is first put into use.

What Is Covered Under the Dodge Powertrain Warranty?

Under the Dodge powertrain warranty the engine and it's components, such as the cylinder block and all internal parts, the cylinder head assemblies, timing case, timing chain or timing belt, gears and sprockets, the vibration damper, oil pump;the water pump and its housing both the intake and exhaust manifolds, flywheel with the starter ring gear, core plugs, valve covers, and oil pan. If the vehicle comes with a turbocharger, the housing and internal parts, the turbocharger wastegate actuator; supercharger; and serpentine belt tensioner are covered as well. Also, all seals and gaskets for the above mention components are covered. The transmission warranty covers the transmission case and all internal parts, the torque converter, drive/flex plate, the transmission range switch, speed and pressure sensors, the transmission control module, the bell housing, oil pan and seals and gaskets for the components listed above. The drive system warranty encompasses components for the front and rear wheel drive, all wheel drive, and 4x4 drive systems. These components include the transmission, transaxle, and transfer cases and all internal parts, the axle shafts, bearings, housings, and assemblies, constant velocity joints and boots, differential cover, oil pan, transaxle speed sensors, transaxle solenoid assembly, PRNDL position switch, transaxle electronic controller, the torque converter, the drive shaft assemblies and center bearings, universal joints and yokes, the transfer case control module and shift mode motor assembly, disconnect housing assembly, and all seals and gaskets for the items mentioned above.

The items that are mentioned above are covered by the Dodge powertrain warranty. For a complete list of what is not covered please refer to the "What is Not Covered" section of your warranty booklet.

How Long is The Dodge Powertrain Warranty?

The Dodge powertrain warranty is valid for 5 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. It begins the day the vehicle is delivered to the first owner or the first day it is put into use. The Dodge powertrain warranty is transferable from one Dodge owner to the next and there is no limit to how many owner the vehicle can have for the warranty to be valid.

An extended car warranty is an option to extend powertrain coverage after the Dodge powertrain warranty expires.

For 2006 thru 2008 models, the Dodge powertrain warranty is a lifetime warranty only if the vehicle is purchased on or after July 26, 2007. It only applies to the original owner, which means it is non-transferable.

*The Dodge powertrain warranty information was obtained form the 2011 Dodge Limited Warranty booklet. For the latest information please advise the powertrain warranty section of your Dodge warranty booklet.