Comprehensive Warranty

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A comprehensive warranty on a car is often times referred to by a consumer or warranty administrator when talking about an extended warranty or factory warranty. Consumers also refer to comprehensive warranties as bumper to bumper warranties. An warranty administrator's exclusionary coverage is considered to be a comprehensive warranty as it covers every component except for those that are listed in a short list of exclusions. Not all comprehensive warranties are other the same level of coverage, be sure to review the list of exclusions in the "What is not Covered" section of the warranty agreement.
Exclusionary Warranty
Bumper to Bumper Warranty

What is a Comprehensive Warranty?

When researching factory warranties or extended auto warranties, comprehensive warranty is a term that often comes up. But, what exactly is a comprehensive warranty and what does it cover? These are common questions that are asked by many consumers. This article will delve into exactly what a comprehensive warranty is and what is generally covered.