Engine Oil and Oil Filter Replacement

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As you continue to drive your vehicle, the replacement of the engine oil and oil filter are needed as part of the typical car maintenance. While most consumers are familiar with a typical maintenance schedule to change the engine oil and filter every three (3) months or 3,000 miles, some factories recommend a different service interval depending on your vehicle. The frequency of your engine oil and filter replacement is also dependent on how often, how aggressive and where you drive your vehicle. Some manufacturers will recommend a heightened frequency of changing your oil and filter based on a more aggressive driving habit.

When changing or adding engine oil and oil filter, the manufacturer's recomendation for the grade, or "weight" and type of oil to use should be followed. The grade based on the oils ability to flow  and using an incorrect type or grade may invalidate your manufacturer's warranty.

In any case, whether your the casual driver or road warrior, you would be best advised to follow the factory recommended vehicle maintenance schedule for how frequently an oil and filter replacement is required. This factory recommendation must be adhered by to maintain the validity of your new car warranty and extended auto warranty, if applied. If mechanical breakdown occurs due to the lack of your car's maintenance of the engine oil and filter, the warranty would not cover the car repair.

How to Keep a Car Maintenance Log

Keeping a maintenance log book is essential to keeping track of your car’s maintenance. Plus, many manufacturer’s factory warranties and extended auto warranties require maintenance logs to maintain the validity of the warranty. While this task may seem daunting, it is easier than you think. Below are a few steps that will help you keep a correct maintenance log.

What is a Maintenance Plan?

When shopping around for an extended service contract, or extended warranty, you may come across something known as a maintenance plan. But what exactly is a maintenance plan and how does it differ from an extended warranty? These are questions that are asked by many consumers. This article will answer those questions and hopefully make you more knowledgeable about maintenance plans.

DIY Maintenance Series: Oil Change and Fluid Level Check

There are many people out there that consider themselves DIYers. They would rather do things themselves than pay someone else to do it. Vehicle maintenance is one of those tasks that many of us try to do ourselves. While there are some things that should be left to the professionals, there are certain maintenance items that any DIYer can do.