Exclusionary Warranty

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A common term used by a consumer that references a comprehensive service contract or vehicle protection plan agreement. Whereas the extended auto warranty is defined to be an exclusionary warranty. Which means that instead of stating the individual components that are to be covered as part of the service contract, a short list of exclusions are provided instead. Often times exclusionary warranty coverage is the most comprehensive coverage available, however stated warranty coverage can also be just as exhaustive. It is important, when reviewing exclusionary warranty terms, that you review the "what is not covered" section of the agreement. This section will disclose all the components and services that are not covered under the extended auto warranty.

What is a Comprehensive Warranty?

When researching factory warranties or extended auto warranties, comprehensive warranty is a term that often comes up. But, what exactly is a comprehensive warranty and what does it cover? These are common questions that are asked by many consumers. This article will delve into exactly what a comprehensive warranty is and what is generally covered.