Factory Warranty

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A factory warranty is commonly referred to by many names; however most factory warranties are an intricate combination of limited and full warranties that specify that the material and/or workmanship of the vehicle is defect-free or will meet certain performance guidelines over a specified time and/or mileage. Often vehicles come with several different types of factory warranty coverages: standard, corrosion, safety, paint, tire, powertrain, and emission. All of which have various levels of limiting or full warranties for the specific manufacturer's vehicle.

Bankrupt Brands and Dealerships: What to Do

While the economy may be slowly improving, companies are still going out of business. Suzuki decided a few months ago that it will no longer sells cars in the United States. This meant dealership closures nationwide. So, what happens when the dealership you purchased your car at goes out of business? Or, if you have an extended warranty, what happens when that company goes out of business? This article will give you the run down of what will happen and what you can do. 

How to Find Your Warranty Details

Repairs on vehicles can be very expensive. Automotive factory warranties and extended auto warranties can help owners to eliminate those high cost. But it is necessary to know the details of your warranty. You don’t want to bring your car in, expecting not to pay and then be hit with a huge repair bill. This article gives owners several paths to finding out the specifics of their car's warranty

Best Time to Buy an Extended Auto Warranty

When consumers are considering purchasing an extended auto warranty, not only do they need to look at the amount of coverage, but they need to look at when to purchase it.  You can either buy the warranty when you purchase the vehicle or after the fact. 

What Will Void a Warranty

A factory warranty is a contract between you and the car’s manufacturer. An extended auto warranty is a contract between you and the warranty company. They both promise to take care of any covered repairs, provided that you follow certain expectations set by the manufacturer or warranty administrator. But like any contract, it can be broken if you don't hold up your end of the bargain, so it is important to know what circumstances can void your warranty.

Factory Warranty Expiration: What To Do Next