Ignition Switch Replacement

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The electrical portion of the ignition switch assembly  is what provides power to electrical components such as the stereo, windshield wipers, and electric windows and also supplies power to the starter motor, which enables the engine to start.  If there is a problem with the ignition switch and it becomes impossible to start the engine continuously or intermittently, then an ignition switch replacement is needed.

Some manufacturers supply just the electrical portion of the ignition switch. So, if just the electrical portion goes bad, then the entire ignition switch assembly doesn't have to replaced. To replace the electrical portion of the ignition switch assembly, the technician removes the trim panels around the ignition switch and disassembles the steering column. Then they remove the electrical portion of the ignition switch assembly and replaces it with the new component. Finally, the technician reassembles the steering column and replaces the trim panels.

An ignition switch replacement is usually covered under your vehicles' new car warranty. However, they do expire after a certain year or mileage limit. There are extended auto warranties available that will extend coverage to the ignition switch, depending upon the level of coverage,  after the vehicle's factory warranty has expired.


Winter Preparedness for your Vehicle

Winter is fastly approaching. With the cold weather coming, you should begin to prepare your vehicle. WInter brings the cold, ice and snow. In order for your vehicle to work porperly during these conditions, you need to check the systems that will be affected winter weather. Your lights, wipers, brakes, tires, heating system, and ignition system are important items that should work correctly not only for the well being of your vehicle, but also for your safety.