Windshield Wiper Entire Blade Replacement

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A windshield wiper entire blade replacement should be done when the wiper blade no longer adequately removes rain or snow from the windshield. Worn out or damaged windshield wiper blades can cause restricted visibility and permanent damage to the windshield.

To replace the wiper blade, remove it from the wiper arm and replace the old wiper blade with a new one. 

Some manufacturer factory warranties cover the cost of a windshield wiper entire blade replacement under a limited warranty. The windshield is sometimes covered as well, but if a wiper blade replacement is not performed according to manufacturer specifications, and the windshield is damaged, the the warranty on the windshield is null and void. There are maintenance plans available that will cover the cost of a windshield wiper entire blade replacement.

Winter Preparedness for your Vehicle

Winter is fastly approaching. With the cold weather coming, you should begin to prepare your vehicle. WInter brings the cold, ice and snow. In order for your vehicle to work porperly during these conditions, you need to check the systems that will be affected winter weather. Your lights, wipers, brakes, tires, heating system, and ignition system are important items that should work correctly not only for the well being of your vehicle, but also for your safety. 

Preparing Your Car for Winter: Part 2


With winter approaching fast, let’s get started on preparing your vehicle. There are several systems on your vehicle that you should check in case they need repairs, including the battery, ignition system, lights, brakes, windshield wipers, heating and cooling system, and tires. And what if you find problems with any of these systems? What do you do?