Hyundai Powertrain Warranty

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The Hyundai powertrain warranty is part of the Hyundai limited factory warranty and cover repairs needed to the components of the engine, transmission, transaxle, transfer case, and drive systems if the failure is due to manufacturer error or workmanship. The powertrain warranty begins when the new Hyundai is delivered to the first owner (in-service date) of the first date of use.

What is Covered Under the Hyundai Powertrain Warranty?

Under the Hyundai powertrain warranty selected components of the engine, transmission, transaxle and drive systems are covered of a repair is needed due to a defect in materials or workmanship.

The Hyundai powertrain warranty includes what is listed above. For a more detailed list of what is covered or what is not covered  refer to the Hyundai warranty booklet.

How Long is the Hyundai Powertrain Warranty?

The Hyundai powertrain warranty applies for 10 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. It begins the day it is delivered to the first owner or the day of first use. The 10 year/100,000 miles Hyundai powertrain warranty applies to the first owner only. Subsequent owners will have powertrain coverage for 5 years or 60,000 miles under the new vehicle limited warranty. 

There are extended car warranties available that will cover repairs made to the powertrain of the Hyundai after the new car factory warranty has expired. They range from standard to comprehensive coverage depending upon the coverage need of the Hyundai owner.

*The Hyundai powertrain warranty was obtained from the 2011 Hyundai new vehicle limited warranty booklet. For the latest information please advise the powertrain warranty section of your warranty booklet.