Revlink is a reliable tool which utilizes modern technology and processes to consistently boost revenue while building customer trust through prompt and accurate communication of opportunity.  


Why is RevLink valuable to you

  • Car Dealership : Highly Targeted sales opportunities from the service drive
  • Car Dealership : Increased Revenue with no additional advertising costs
  • Car Dealership : Break the Cyle, Bridge the communication gap between service and sales
  • Warranty Administrator Agent : Ability to provide a unique product and process to increase warranty penetration with a dealer client
  • Warranty Administrator Agent : Ability to provide a revenue generating product for both agent and dealer.
  • Warranty Administrator Agent : Offer a tool to provide accountability with sales and service personnel to increase measurable results from service drive targeted opportunities


Reasons to use RevLink

  1. Turn your Service Drive into a Private Auction
  2. Turn your Service Drive into a Lead Source
  3. Turn your Service Drive into a Revenue Generating Machine
  4. Bridge the gap between sales and service departments, for good, for REAL!
  5. Selling is not telling, what? Just go Engage in a conversation when its right.
  6. Who ever said we should hold our staff accountable? RevLink does, believe it!
  7. Its like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, untapped Revenue
  8. Are you concerned about a happy customer, RevLink is, boost Retention
  9. Stop playing the "Guessing Game", Target a true opportunity
  10. Wait, oh wait, I just received a Referral, time to make the donuts
  11. You thought you knew retention? RevLink reinvents the way you look at retention?