Corrosion Warranty

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Corrosion warranties under the standard limited factory warranty typically cover only the sheet metal panels of the vehicle. Certain components of the vehicle may also have their own corrosion warranty or may exclude corrosion damage completely. The corrosion warranty usually applies to the original owner only, the manufacturer will either replace or repair the outer sheet metal panels you install or have installed if the panels develop inside out rust-through corrosion perforation. The corrosion warranty also may cover the refinishing to include the parts, labor, paint, supplies and the repair of the corroded panels. What is typically not covered under a corrosion warranty?
  1. Accidents, collision, faulty installation, or any alteration to the vehicle that could be reasonably expected to affect the performance of the covered components.
  2. Environmental pollution or conditions, including acid rain, hail, or lightning.
  3. Vehicle neglect, abuse, or use of the vehicle for unintended purposes.
  4. Stone chips, scratches, or other paint damage that lead to surface rust damage.
  5. Cleaning and polishing agents, chemicals, and solvents, including improper undercoating or use of other rust prevention materials.
These corrosion warranties typically do not cover incidental damages such as loss of the use of the vehicle, inconvenience or commercial loss. They are considered limited warranties and do not represent any implied warranty as they are written warranties provided to the original owner of the vehicle.

BMW Corrosion Warranty

The BMW corrosion warranty protects against any rust-through, or perforation, on the vehicle body. It will cover the cost of repairs to rust-through that are caused by manufacturer defect or workmanship. The BMW corrosion warranty begins the day the vehicle is delivered to it's firs owner (in-service date) or the first date of use.

What Does the BMW Corrosion Warranty Cover?

Acura Corrosion Warranty

The Acura corrosion warranty, or rust perforation limited warranty, includes repairs to any original body panels that are perforated by corrosion, rust completely through from the inside out. This warranty covers any repairs of corrosion due to manufacturer defect or workmanship. The Acura corrosion warranty begins at the first date of delivery (in-service date) or the first date of use.

What Is Covered Under The Acura Corrosion Warranty?

Nissan Corrosion Warranty

The Nissan corrosion warranty includes repairs to any perforation, or rust through, to any sheet metal on a new Nissan vehicle. This Nissan warranty covers repairs of any corrosion due to manufacturer defects or workmanship. It only applies to sheet metal that is provided by Nissan. The Nissan corrosion warranty begins at the delivery date (in-service date) which is the date it is delivered to the first Nissan owner or the date when it is first put into use.

Manufacturer Factory Warranties

Auto manufacturer's periodically change the manufacturer's factory warranty of their automobiles. It is recommended to get advice from your local dealer or a Warranty Specialist in regard to your Manufacturer Warranty to see if your car warranty is different than listed below. Click on your Manufacturer below to view a complete explanation of your standard limited warranty.