Kia Roadside Assistance

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The Kia roadside assistance program is an extension of the new vehicle limited warranty. It offers services such as flat tire change, emergency towing, battery jump start, trip interruption, and fuel delivery service. The Kia roadside assistance program begins the day the vehicle is delivered to the first owner or the day of first use.

What is Included In the Kia Roadside Assistance?

The Kia roadside assistance program includes the following services: Emergency Towing: Kia will tow the vehicle to the nearest authorized Kia dealer or an alternative service location as long as the vehicle is inoperable due to a warranty-related disablement. Fuel Delivery Assistance: If the vehicle runs out of gas, then Kia will deliver 2 gallons of gas for a maximum of 2 times per year.  Lock Out Assistance: Kia will send someone to get you back into your vehicle and on your way. The owner is responsible for the cost of a replacement key if the key is lost or damaged. Trip interruption: If you are 150 miles or more away from home and the vehicle breaks down due to a mechanical failure that is covered under warranty, then Kia will reimburse you up to $100 a day for a maximum of 3 days for lodging, meals and transportation. Flat tire change and jump start assistance is available as well for a maximum of $75 per incident.

The Kia roadside assistance program includes what is listed above. For a list of what is not covered refer to the "What is Not Covered" section of the Roadside Assistance portion of the warranty booklet.

How Long is the Kia Roadside Assistance?

The Kia roadside assistance program applies for 5 years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. It begins the day the vehicle is delivered to the first owner or the first day of use. The Kia roadside assistance program is fully transferable from one Kia owner to the next with little work needed on the previous or current owner's part. There are extended auto warranties available that will extend roadside assistance benefits past the Kia roadside assistance program expiration.

How to Contact the Kia Factory Roadside Assistance

To receive roadside assistance,  just call 1-800-333-4Kia (4542). and a Kia roadside assistance service representative will help you with your needs. If you have any concerns or comments you can mail them to Consumer Assistance Center Kia Motors America, Inc. at P. O. Box 52410, Irvine CA 92619-2410.

*The Kia Roadside Assistance information was obtained from the 2011 Kia Warranty booklet. For the latest information please advise the Roadside Assistance section of your warranty booklet.